Will Pour-N-Restore discolor concrete or masonry?

We have tested Pour-N-Restore on various materials and we have not experienced any discoloration at all. Furthermore, we have never had even one customer complaint about discoloration. However, we always recommend testing a small inconspicuous area first before treating painted, stained, or pigmented surfaces.

Can I use Pour-N-Restore on asphalt (blacktop)?

Yes, but 2 applications may be required.  Asphalt is an oil-based material, so removing an oil stain from it is challenging.  If a second application is required, scrub Pour-N-Restore into the stain with a stiff-bristled brush and then allow it to dry.  When the material is completely dry, sweep up the powder and then rinse the area with a strong stream of water while scrubbing with a brush to remove all the powder that can be trapped in the pores and cracks of the rough asphalt surface.

Can I use Pour-N-Restore on pavers?

Yes, but you may have to scrub or power-wash the surface. Because pavers are so porous, there is a chance that Pour-N-Restore will leave a white residue after use. We always recommend a test spot before using.

Can I use Pour-N-Restore on granite countertops?

We cannot guarantee satisfactory results when using Pour-N-Restore on granite countertops. Most granite countertops have a sealer & the sealer will act as a trap, sealing in the Pour-N-Restore after use and leaving a white residue. We always recommend a test spot before using.

Will Pour-N-Restore bleach concrete or masonry?

No. Pour-N-Restore does not bleach. If after using Pour-N-Restore you find that the area appears lighter in color, simply rinse the area with a strong stream of water to flush the white absorbent powder from the surface.

Why is Pour-N-Restore taking so long to dry?

At temperatures above 60°F (16°C), dry time will be approximately 5-8 hours. If you are using Pour-N-Restore in cooler temperatures, expect dry time to be extended considerably. Dry time can also be extended by high levels of humidity and poor ventilation. To accelerate dry time, spread Pour-N-Restore with our v-notch spreader and/or direct a fan at the treated area.

After sweeping, why does the area still appear dark?

After sweeping Pour-N-Restore, there will be moisture trapped in the pores of the concrete or masonry surface. Simply provide adequate ventilation and allow the moisture to evaporate out.

Can I use Pour-N-Restore on sealed surfaces?

While Pour-N-Restore is effective on sealed surfaces, dry time may be extended considerably in some cases. After sweeping Pour-N-Restore, it may take several days, even weeks, for the moisture to evaporate out from beneath some sealers. To increase the evaporation rate, provide maximum ventilation and direct a fan at the treated area. There is also a chance that Pour-N-Restore will leave a white residue, shiny residue, or powder embedded in the sealer (see next question for removing this residue). Any sealer, regardless of age or size, can affect performance. We always recommend a test spot before using on sealed surfaces.

How do I remove the white residue left on the surface from when I used Pour-N-Restore? How did this happen?

Pour-N-Restore can adversely affect some sealers leaving a white residue, shiny residue, or powder embedded in the sealer. The solution is to strip the sealer with more Pour-N-Restore. Apply Pour-N-Restore to the affected area; let it soak for 10-15 minutes, and scrub. 30 minutes after you scrubbed, scrub again, and then sponge Pour-N-Restore from the surface, or rinse, to remove the sealer. When the surface is completely dry, you can apply Pour-N-Restore to the embedded oil stain following the directions on the bottle if an oil stain still remains.

How much Pour-N-Restore will I need to cover the stain I'm trying to remove?

Typically, a 16-ounce bottle of Pour-N-Restore will cover 3 square feet. A 32-ounce bottle will cover 6 square feet. And a gallon size bottle will cover 24 square feet.

Will Pour-N-Restore harm grass or plants?

After it dries to a powder, Pour-N-Restore will not harm vegetation. However, in its liquid state, it will. Therefore, if Pour-N-Restore comes in contact with vegetation, dilute it with large amounts of water.

Does scrubbing improve performance?

We never recommend scrubbing on the first applications since it may actually hinder performance. However, if a stubborn stain requires subsequent applications, scrubbing may enhance performance. Scrubbing is particularly helpful on heavy stains left from materials like tar and wax.

Should I use something to spread the Pour-N-Restore on the surface or can I simply pour it on?

We recommend simply pouring the Pour-N-Restore on the surface or using a V-Notch Spreader (this can be purchased on our website) to effectively remove an oil stain. When you pour the Pour-N-Restore onto the surface, it will self-level to 1/8" thick. The V-Notch Spreader will spread the product on 1/4" thick which will then allow the product to self-level to 1/8" thick. If Pour-N-Restore is spread on too thick or thin, this may inhibit the performance. Do not use a paintbrush to spread the product on.

How can I make the consistency of Pour-N-Restore thicker?

Add a small amount of corn starch or dry plaster compound and shake vigorously.

How can I make the consistency of Pour-N-Restore thinner?

Add a small amount of Pine-Sol & shake vigorously.

Does Pour-N-Restore work on old stains?

Yes. Pour-N-Restore is effective on old stains too. If the stain has not been cleaned previously with other cleaning products, 1 application should be sufficient. If subsequent applications are required, scrubbing may enhance performance.

Should I pressure wash the stain?

We recommend scraping buildup off the stain before using Pour-N-Restore®, but we do not recommend pressure washing. This may actually inhibit Pour-N-Restore’s performance. After using Pour-N-Restore®, pressure washing is not required, but it can help clean absorbent residue from the area. If subsequent applications are required, scrubbing may enhance performance.


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