Pour-N-Restore's Oil Stain Remover has received a lot of attention from the media because it is an original and incredibly effective concrete oil stain remover. Here's what they're saying!


NBC's Today Show

"Pour-N-Restore is an amazing product you can't do without!" 



Popular Mechanics

"Pour-N-Restore® removes oil stains from concrete driveways by combining a degreaser and a dry absorbent. Pour it on the stain, let it dry, then sweep it up — no scrubbing is needed."



Martha Stewart Living

"Especially stubborn grease spots may require a product that breaks up oil and draws it out of concrete. One good product is Pour-N-Restore from Edgewater Industries".




"Pour-N-Restore performed as claimed. The fact that there was no scrubbing involved made it especially easy to use. After it dries, it can just be swept up. It gives off a clean citrus smell, which is a nice feature."



Cleaner Times

"Using Micro-Extraction Technology™, Pour-N-Restore® captures the stain at the molecular level and pulls it out to be disposed of safely."



5.0 Mustang

"We know all too well how Mustangs like to leak. Whether it's a rear main seal or valve cover gaskets, we've seen the spots that oil leaks can leave behind. Now, Pour-N-Restore® concrete and masonry stain remover has come to the rescue with its Micro-Extraction Technology™."



Auto Services Operator

"Pour-N-Restore is the first product of its kind that both dissolves and captures oil. Simply pour it onto the stain, let it dry, and sweep it up. No scrubbing is needed."



Do-It-Yourself Retailing

"Pour-N-Restore removes unsightly oil and grease stains from concrete driveways, garage floors, and walkways. It is biodegradable and phosphate-free."



Detroit Free Press

"If you think your garage floor is valuable because of its huge oil deposits, you're going to be disappointed...A new product called Pour-N-Restore can absorbs an oil stain by bonding to the oil molecules and lifting them up from the concrete."



Chicago Tribune

"It's inevitable. As soon as you pour a new concrete driveway, your car will develop an oil leak. Edgewater Industries has a no-scrub solution: Pour-N-Restore".



Dallas Morning News

"Now, about that driveway stain: a new liquid product removes oil without scrubbing. Pour-N-Restore pulls new and old stains from oil, grease and automotive fluids to the surface and transforms them into powder, which can then be swept up".



Orlando Sentinal

"Oil stains are eyesores for an otherwise attractive home or property. If you're having trouble getting an oil stain removed from your driveway or garage floor, you might want to check out Pour-N-Restore".